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From Lyrics to Music: Inaugural Post

Songs are more than the sum of their parts, and to judge them on the merit of their individual components would be to do them a disservice.

All too often, however, before we even begin making sense of lyrics, it is the music which gives us our first impression of a song. The impression invariably stays, and we are often tempted to judge a song entirely on its immediate appeal. I don’t set much store for that. Is there, and should there be a justification for assessing songs, and even entire genres on such a basis? Even if there were, the greater injustice would be that in doing so, we risk precluding songs which require an appreciation that begins with the lyrics.

In a generation where ‘good’, commercially viable music is often defined by heavy electronic beats and ready-made hooks and riffs, we run the risk of forgoing good music in our ignorance of good lyrics – or, should I say, good songwriting.

“From Lyrics to Music” is a series on good songwriting which begins with an appreciation of well-written lyrics.

Do stay tuned.


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